July 12, 2024

CBD-infused drinks from Goodrays

Goodrays offers CBD-infused drinks in single-serve cans. 

The CBD beverage brand offers four core flavours: Passionfruit & Pomelo; Raspberry & Guava; Elderflower & Yuzu and Blood Orange & Grapefruit.

Non-alcoholic and all-natural, the sparkling beverages contain safely tested 25-30mg of Colorado-grown cannabidiol (CBD) per serve. The compound helps to manage anxiety, improve moods and aid sleep. 

Goodrays drinks also contain Vitamin D, grown sustainably from seawater algae, to boost the immune system, strengthen bones and teeth, as well as regulate blood pressure.

Plans to plant hemp for every can sold, as well as use CBD sourced from sustainable farms and hemp fibres across packaging and merch are underway. Replanting plants to sequester carbon is a goal, too. 

Goodrays contains vegan ingredients. The packaging is also recyclable.

The brand was present at this year’s lunch! trade show in London.