July 25, 2024

Cathay Pacific introduces new map experience

FlightPath3D and Cathay Pacific have collaborated to launch My Journey, blending flight tracking with Cathay Pacific’s inflight entertainment (IFE). The innovative integrated graphical user interface (GUI) incorporates a customised welcome experience, flight preview mode and inflight exploration. 

Enabled by FlightPath3D’s API toolkit and widgets, My Journey combines real-time flight paths and map layers to create a journey preview. The transition from the interactive flight journey to the rest of the IFE system provides passengers with a personalised, game-like flight path preview. 

With animated route previews, the welcome screen takes passengers on a game-like tour of the flight, converging entertainment with flight tracking. This provides passengers with a customised preview experience similar to watching a movie trailer, with the aim of increasing anticipation and engagement. 

As part of this collaboration, FlightPath3D has enhanced the travel experience with a child-centric map. Designed for young travellers, the inflight navigation playfully utilises vibrant symbols and global animals, enriching journeys with fun and learning. 

Incorporating 3D models of aircraft and liveries into the flight experience embeds the airline’s brand within the passenger’s experience to foster lasting impressions and enhance brand loyalty.

Introduced on Cathay Pacific’s A350 aircraft, the airline is set to expand this innovation to additional models, including the 777 and A321 aircraft, utilising the versatility of FlightPath3D’s open strategy, customisable application programming interfaces (APIs) and widgets.

“We’ve transformed the typical journey into an interactive adventure, enhancing our passengers’ experience in the skies,” said Mavis Keung, Customer Experience Manager at Cathay Pacific.

“We are incredibly proud that Cathay Pacific leveraged our API toolkit and widgets to reinvent the inflight experience with this integrated GUI,” said Boris Veksler, Chief Executive Officer of FlightPath3D. “By providing our cutting-edge technology, we have seen our vision come to life in a uniquely configured, intuitive interface. It’s a milestone in our commitment to reshaping how passengers interact with their journey.” 

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