May 30, 2024

Carbery Group introduces new cheese brand

Carbery Group has launched Carbery Dairy, a new cheese brand, specifically for the ingredients and food service markets in Europe and Asia.

The cheeses are suitable for a wide range of applications including pizza, baking, ready meals, sauces, seasonings and snacks.

The company claims the range offers varied flavour profiles and a high level of functionality such as excellent stretch, sliceability, good melting or low browning characteristics, among others.

The varieties of cheese on offer through Carbery Dairy include: Pasta Filata (mozzarella and grilling cheese); Natural Cheddar (mild, medium, mature and vintage); Cheese Extra (a variety of highly functional, high protein, reduced fat cheeses), and Speciality Cheeses (includes both Italian style and Inclusion cheese with flavours such as smoked, chilli, fajita and black pepper).

The Professional Range, which includes all of the cheese varieties on offer through Carbery Dairy, has been specifically developed to meet the needs of chefs in the food service sector.

The cheeses have been tested in real-life food service settings to ensure they perform well under different cooking and baking conditions. They are also available in a number of formats, to suit the requirements of different kitchen capabilities.

“We’re excited to be entering the food service market with our Carbery Dairy range of high-quality cheeses,” said Orlaigh Matthews, marketing manager for cheese.

“In developing the range, we drew on the creative and practical expertise of our chefs, who collaborate extensively with our customers to ensure the cheeses are suited to professional kitchens. Together with our cheesemakers and R&D teams, our chefs have created exciting recipes to satisfy consumer demands around the world.”