July 25, 2024

Bottega introduces Green Gin The Wild

Bottega has expanded its range of drinks with the introduction of a new gin, Green Gin The Wild. Characterised by herbaceous notes, it is a dry gin with an alcohol content of 40% by volume.

The complex bouquet of Green Gin The Wild results from using many botanicals. In addition to juniper, the ingredients include lemon and mandarin, hemp sativa seeds, wild fennel and basil.

It is produced using water from the Alps. The botanicals are left to macerate before a double distillation is carried out, creating an elegant and balanced distillate with a complex bouquet.

Green Gin The Wild is the Italian company’s second gin, joining Gin Bacur. Its character and uniqueness are derived from the selection of wild plants together with the freshness and aromaticity of lemon and mandarin.

The nose is intense, with strong notes of sweet citrus and herbaceous nuances including myrtle berries, wild fennel and spring flowers. The palate is dry and harmonious with notes of wild herbs.

It is distributed in a transparent green glass bottle with labelling highlighting the botanicals.

Wild Negroni cocktail

In addition to serving Green Gin The Wild as part of a Gin and Tonic, Bottega suggests mixing it into a Wild Negroni – a reinterpretation of the classic cocktail. The recipe for Wild Negroni features 40 ml of Gin Green The Wild, 30 ml of Amaro alle Erbe Alpine Bottega, 20 ml of Vermouth Rosso Bottega and ice cubes. The cocktail should be prepared by pouring the gin, amaro and vermouth into a chilled tumbler before adding ice cubes and stirring. The Wild Negroni should be garnished with a sprig of thyme.

The Bottega company is both a winery and a distillery based in Bibano di Godega, 50 km north of Venice, where it produces grappas, wines and liqueurs. The company distributes its products in 150 countries around the world.