July 25, 2024

Bluebox Aviation Systems at AIX in Hamburg  

Stuart Forster speaks with Catherine Brown, Head of Marketing at Bluebox Aviation Systems about the company’s 2023 presence at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany.  

Six representatives from Bluebox Aviation Systems will be present at AIX. They anticipate interest in three key areas: onboard retail and inflight entertainment (IFE), both integral to their Blueview digital passenger experience platform, and their wireless streaming product Bluebox Wow.  

Bluebox at AIX  

“We’ll be focusing on our Blueview digital passenger experience platform at AIX this year. We’ve had a successful year with Blueview and some exciting projects including those that have led us to being a finalist in the Onboard Hospitality Awards,” reveals Catherine of what visitors to Bluebox Aviation Systems’ stand (2D70) can expect. There will be demonstrations of Blueview on the company’s proprietary Bluebox Wow portable wireless streaming boxes and the Blueview solution will also be on show at the Airbus and KID-Systeme stands, as Bluebox is a partner in Airbus’ Airspace Link programme.  

“There are always new enhancements that we’re introducing. As a platform, Blueview is robust already but we’re always looking towards the introduction of additional digital services,” she says of the focus of Blueview’s ongoing developments.  

“We are keen to appeal to what’s of interest in the market at the moment. A lot of that is retail right now,” adds Catherine.  

Ancillary revenue generation  

“A lot of things tie into retail. It could be the promotion of meal deal bundles to duty-free products. Ordering food and drink at the seat can boost ancillary revenue, as it’s not just the trolley going up and down the aisle anymore,” says Catherine of opportunities offered by Blueview.  “But revenue can also be generated from advertising, brand partnerships, the sale of destination activities. The potential is vast.”

“We can integrate destination activity partners – such as GetYourGuide. You’re on the aircraft, you’re going to be landing and are thinking about what you want to do the next day. You can book a VIP, jump the queue tour of the Louvre or something similar,” she adds, outlining one potential scenario that could generate ancillary revenue.  

“Also, if you have connectivity you can do real-time transactions for things that are perishable, such as availability of seats or timed entries to attractions and such like.”  

Connectivity integration  

“Offering connectivity integration as well – that’s a plus for passengers and the airline. It can be one of the digital services that we deliver to passengers, connecting to the internet through an airline-branded Blueview platform,” explains Catherine.  “But connectivity also enables other background benefits, such as the reduction of fraud risk. And though most payments are done offline these days, with connectivity you can do real-time transactions, which translates into sales of higher value products and time-sensitive services,” adds Bluebox’s Head of Marketing.  

A flexible solution  

“Blueview offers flexibility in that it can be customised for an airline with the airline’s brand and the services that they want to offer passengers. In addition to the flexibility of the digital platform itself, there’s also flexibility in the ways that it can be deployed. That ranges from a battery-operated or aircraft-powered version of Bluebox Wow to a line-fit Airbus Airspace Link implementation,” outlines Catherine.   

“We were the first partner signed up and then fully integrated into the Airbus programme and we’re the only partner to have three customers flying already. We work on Airbus Airspace Link kit at our lab in Dunfermline, Scotland,” adds Catherine.  

Clients include Titan Airways and their customer TCS World Travel, Jetstar Airways, and Air Malta which was announced as a Bluebox client in 2023. Jetstar has deployed Blueview via both Bluebox Wow and Airbus Airspace Link, and the consistency of that passenger experience across different systems proves one core value of Blueview.

“QantasLink which has also deployed Blueview on Bluebox Wow and Jetstar Airways have two very different business models but are still deriving great value from the same platform,” says Catherine, pointing to Blueview’s adaptability.  

“AIX is a real anchor show for us. We always meet the right people from the airlines there. AIX is a show that attracts everyone from the people in the aircraft interiors and engineering sides to the inflight services side, and with WTCE co-located, we also connect with catering and other travel services attendees of that show,” concludes the Head of Marketing at Bluebox.  

Meet with Bluebox at AIX  

Discover more about Blueview and Bluebox Wow by visiting the Bluebox website.  

Bluebox will be at stand 2D70 during the 2023 AIX.   

You can request a meeting with Bluebox by clicking the ‘Add to Plan’ button on the WTCE exhibitor directory.  

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