WK Thomas

WK Thomas new team commits to sustainable innovation

April 2, 2020

Alex Noake has been appointed new managing director of WK Thomas, with David Simpson taking on the role of head of travel.

Having previously worked in a number of commercial and financial roles before joining WKT in 2018, Noake’s says innovation and sustainability will be at the heart of everything the business does going forward. He says: “We are always looking to the next big innovation to develop our business and help customers reduce environmental footprint and improve profitability. Our market position as leaders in sustainability and innovation continues to give us the edge over our competitors.”
Simpson has previously been both a customer for, and a supplier to, the airline industry since 2009 and adds: “Sustainable, cost effective alternatives to single use items are at the top of the service agenda. WKT, with the support of its supplier partners and inhouse design and development center, are well positioned to deliver products which measurably reduce an operator’s environmental impact.
“The desire, in fact the need, for ‘greener’ products within the aviation industry really has lit a fire among our customers to develop new products with WKT and bring to market some fantastic innovations not only in product design, but most interestingly, materials. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle initiatives are at the forefront of our product development and we are fortunate to work with leading innovators within the industry to provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions and bespoke designs, ahead of trend. We are seeing new developments almost daily and are aware of further developments throughout 2020 and beyond.

Most recent additions to the company’s mix are compostable one-piece bagasse meal boxes and eco cutlery packs. Designed to be easy to hold, fill and close, and 100% compostable, the meal boxes fit eight to an Atlas trolley draw and suit both hot and cold service. They are suitable for both oven and microwave applications and available with an optional PLA coating for extended shelf life requirements.

The cutlery pack called:‘Reduce. Replace. Recycle’ use sustainable plastic alternatives made from wood, paper and newly-developed recycled materials. Made in Britain, the pre-packed eco cutlery packs are available in both recyclable and compostable wrappers with custom print and labelling options.