Wireless listening

October 02 2019

RHA has introduced a way in which passengers can use their own wireless headphones to tap into inflight entertainment. Jessica Pook finds out how

Inflight entertainment is one of the most important elements for passengers on a long-haul flight, but without good sound quality even the best of blockbuster content can be disappointing. RHA, developers of True Wireless Earbuds, believes it has the answer and has just launched an inflight adaptor that can connect any cordless headphone to the inflight entertainment system to help.

With 16 hours battery, the Wireless Flight Adapter is ideal for passengers who want to use their own wireless headphones to listen to the inflight entertainment. By using this adaptor, passengers can keep streaming for the entire flight and beyond, and enjoy high quality sound produced by aptX – technology that produces wireless sound with CD-quality audio.

For passengers travelling together and keen to watch the same movie, share an album or a podcast, there is the option to connect two devices at the same time, enabling simultaneous audio playback.

Bluetooth freedoms
By using Bluetooth 5.0, the latest version of the technology, users also enjoy improved speed when streaming and a 10-metre range.

“We designed the Wireless Flight Adapter for all sorts of travel, from the frequent flyer on business to a parent on an annual family holiday,” said Joe Aitken, marketing and communications director. “Frequent flyers will love the adaptor’s build quality and threeyear international warranty, parents will love the ability to pair multiple headphones, and long haul travellers will love the 16-hour battery life.

The flight adaptor can also be used to convert any device with a 3.5mm audio connection to Bluetooth including portable gaming devices.”

Roddy Philip, product development manager, said: “The main challenges were latency transmission – the time it takes for data to travel across a network, pairing priority and compatibility with multiple airlines. Through extensive market research and many flights on varying airlines – taking into account the ages of the planes, seat types, and positions – we achieved results of which we’re incredibly proud.”

The adaptor can be paired with the brand’s own wireless noise insulating headphones to further enhance the passenger experience.