Sweet sensation

October 02 2019

‘Free-from’ baker We Love Cake has reformulated its entire product range in advance of new UK government targets to cut sugar consumption

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All change
When it comes to sweet baked goods, it’s probably fair to say that most consumers know their treat isn’t going to be light on sugar. But the fact remains most people put aside concerns about calories in favour of taste especially when seeking comfort as they travel.

To counter expanding waistlines and the associated health issues of obesity, the UK government has asked manufacturers to cut sugar in their established recipes.

As a ‘free-from’ specialist, We Love Cake has jumped at the challenge, reformulating all of its products in advance of the 2020 deadline.

Taste test
Meeting the Public Health England directive early makes sense for the producer, given that its range of tarts, slices and cookies – all gluten, milk and wheat free – trade on their credentials as coeliac and vegan-friendly, and trends in this direction are gaining momentum worldwide.

Many big-name manufacturers have complained about the enforced changes, saying they will mean much-loved
favourites will taste different – but We Love Cakes believes the positive PR message of its action to cut sugar content an average of 38% from previous recipes will be well received. The team conducted widespread consumer testing to ensure bakes, such as its new ‘Brookie’, a cookie/brownie hybrid, are still packed with flavour.