Flexi Hex

Surfing to success

December 20, 2019

Everyone loves a success story and at Onboard Hospitality we have been excited to see just how successful specialist companies can be once they get onboard.

We’re on the look out for newcomers to the industry, be they young people, young companies or young products: those that may be the faces of the onboard sector tomorrow.

One such spotted recently is Flexi-Hex packaging. “Flexi-Hex was originally created for the surf industry,” explains Sam Boex, “as we were concerned with the amount of single use plastics used in surfboard packaging and the amount of damage boards sustained in transit. We wanted to use our design skill set to create a product which was entirely biodegradable, cost effective and more
reliable than plastic alternatives”.

The success of the Flexi-Hex system for surf boards soonmade Will and Sam realise the potential for packaging solutions across other industries.

Will Boex explains: “We conducted market research and found the drinks industry was seeking reliable plastic-free packaging solutions. We developed the design and product tested it against current bottle packaging materials with some very positive results.”

No more broken bottles
The result is a biodegradable packaging solution that prevents damage to glass bottles in transit and is set to transform delivery for the global drinks industry. The Flexi-Hex honeycomb sleeve can fit a range of different-sized bottles and also offers strong protection, easy storage, fast packaging time, reduced materials and less breakage.

It has been a roller-coaster surf ride for the two brothers but Flexi-Hex now develops sustainable packaging solutions across a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors and is now looking forward to the potential opportunity to work with M&S to further develop its innovations.