Smart shopping inflight

February 27, 2019

Earlier this year ATPCO acquired Routehappy and with it a rich bank of content for airline shopping. Ben Coren discovers more

Founded in 2011 and based in New York, Routehappy has more than 65 customers across the travel industry including Expedia, Google, Sabre, and United Airlines. It aims to create a more transparent shopping experience inflight with rich content supplied to 300 airlines.
As part of ATPCO it is now expanding its offering through three content-rich hubs that can each be managed by different departments within an airline’s organisation.

ATPCO president and ceo Rolf Purzer says: “Routehappy has created an offering that solves many of the challenges airlines encounter in delivering consistent messaging, branding, and merchandising through multiple distribution channels. Our acquisition of it will drive strategic innovation, reduce complexity, and deliver network economics to the entire distribution ecosystem.”

Hubs that help
The expanded hubs allow airlines to differentiate their product as: amenities, universal ticket attributes (UTA) and universal product attributes (UPA).

The amenities hub gives them control over the merchandising of seats, food and wifi, and can be customised to reflect the brand. The UTA hub lets airlines communicate clearly the benefits and restrictions of different fares, and the UPA hub enables them to bring product-merchandising content to life across shopping channels. Features can include product photos, videos and descriptions.

Smart decisions
Robert Albert, ceo of Routehappy by ATPCO, says: “We are establishing the industry standard for airline rich content and bringing it to a single place to create a single sales channel. Rich content helps customers to make smart decisions whatever they are buying – inflight shopping should be no different. Airlines have differentiated products and fares. Consumers need information about the products and fares they are selecting at every touchpoint.”

Standardised content
Standardised content systems will make it much easier for consumers to compare options, and ATPCO is keen to drive innovation across the whole industry, looking at new ways to use data at every point in the purchasing journey. The company is also launching a Routehappy Agency with a dedicated team of content strategists to help airlines get the most out of the tools available. The agency will also provide photo shoot support for shopping menus, run consumer testing and monitor results.