Sky-high success

February 19, 2019

Iberia Express was Immfly’s first partner for its onboard digital services platform and now has statistics to show how it is affecting its NPS. Richard Williams crunches the numbers

In 2014 the Immfly onboard IFE and digital services platform was installed on the first Iberia Express aircraft, and given the name Club Express Onboard (CXO).
User feedback of the service across the fleet over the last three years gives an insight into the evolution of passenger satisfaction.

In 2016, passengers were asked a general question about their overall satisfaction with the Immfly digital services platform, and whether or not they had used it. A gratifying 31.6% of passengers gave it a top three response (8, 9, or 10 out of 10), with a Perceived Level of Quality (PLQ) of 5.4 out of 10.

Not a bad start, you might say. In 2017 the survey gave results of 35.5% Top 3 responses, with a PLQ of 5.8. The survey also included questions about usability and content.

In 2018, the survey, now including over 10,000 passengers, was giving a Top 3 approval figure of 44.5% with a PLQ of 6.1. Usability had increased to 45.3% Top 3 and PLQ of 6. The major improvement was on content, up to 37.3% Top 3 with a PLQ of 5.9.

The passengers giving the CXO system a Top 3 response (described as ‘lovers’ in marketing-speak) have increased from 31.6% to 44.5% in the last two years. The average score is now 6.1 out of 10, an increase of 13% when compared to 2016.

Paloma Cabañas, head of customer and inflight services at Iberia Express, said: “Passengers’ assessment of content has improved most over time, and we know that the average time of use of the platform has increased substantially from 30 to 50 minutes per flight. Favourite content for passengers is movies (FOX) followed by TV shows.”

Cabañas added: “CXO is an added value onboard that passengers value highly positively. The growing number of reviews reveals the continuous improvement that both Iberia Express and Immfly are constantly working for.” In 2017 Iberia Express decided to renew the partnership with Immfly for a further five years.