Sitting comfortably?

March 24, 2020

Wellness has become big business and its connection with the travel sector is only set to intensify according to research from the Global Wellness Institute which estimates the wellness industry is worth a $4.2 trillion a year.

Its annual trends report this year showed a significant surge in demand for wellness tourism (set to become the new eco tourism) and claims the growing trend for the medical profession to ‘prescribe’ wellbeing activities as also pushing growth.

Inflight initiatives
Airlines are wising up to this trend already with inflight meditation and exercise apps, and a growing range of foods featuring a wellbeing element.

Now amenities supplier WESSCO has collaborated with a leader in wellness, Myodetox, to develop a holistic health programme for travellers on the go. The resulting Travel Mobility Guide aims to alleviate the aches and pains of travelling and optimise the body’s condition through a curated programme of exercises for pre- during and post-flight, complemented by physical therapy assistance products.

Founded in 2015, Myodetox is a lifestyle brand of physical therapy. It has clinics with multi-disciplinary teams of expert therapists who offer manual therapy and movement programmes designed to stop pain and get people moving to their full potential.

Curated exercise
The Guide includes seven key exercises for shoulders, neck, glutes and hips. Some encourage travellers to stretch and prepare themselves for the journey to and through the airport; some focus on keeping comfortable and easing pressure points while seated inflight; and some are designed to aid recovery once in the destination.

The brand has a strong social media presence and is popular with athletes and celebrities who have brought it significant awareness amongst millennials, a younger demographic than is usually assoicated with physical therapies. It has already collaborated successfully with a number of high profile partners including Nike, lululemon, Red Bull, Equinox and Soulcycle.

Petros Sakkis, cmo WESSCO, said: “We know airlines are increasingly focused on improving passenger wellbeing wherever they can and I believe this collaboration gives them a simple but very effective way to actively support traveller comfort and put their wellbeing commitment at the heart of what they offer.”