Olive oil for health

May 14, 2019

The Medʼs most famous product has been recognised for its health benefits. Jo Austin talks to supplier Castello Monte Vibiano to learn more

It’s official: a recent statement by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. now allows bottlers of olive oil to say their product improves heart health if consumed instead of animal-based fats. It’s what Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, of Castello Monte Vibiano in Umbria, Italy has been telling us for years!

Lorenzo sups virgin olive oil daily for its high levels of oleic acid, which helps reduce his risk of coronary heart disease. And as onboard passengers look for nutritious and healthy options, it’s great olive oil producers can now promote this qualified health claim.

Investing in the future
In uncertain times Lorenzo bravely invested heavily in olive oil and wine production with state-of-the art technology and sophisticated bottling and packaging units. These have enabled Monte Vibiano to remain in the forefront of the market and become the envy of other olive oil and wine producers.

Passionate about sustainability, one of Lorenzo’s proudest moments was the launch of his 360 Green Revolution. He says: “Our profound respect for the environment led us to make radical choices to preserve more than 700 pristine hectares unblemished.Everything we do centres on the environment: from the re-use of bio-mass to the charging system for employees’ electric scooters. After securing certification for zero CO2 emissions production in 2009 we have now become the first company in the world to have DNA certification of our olives to guarantee the traceability of extra virgin olive oil for the end consumer.

Gold standard
“Today our ‘green gold’ is prized by Michelin-star chefs across the world and we are leaders in the production of monodose olive oil, as served in First and Business onboard with the likes of American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay, Saudia, Singapore and Qatar.

“Climate change is altering the world of agriculture radically and we have to find new solutions to ensure the highest quality. Only the finest olives, rigorously harvested after sunset produce the most extraordinary oil. Cool evening temperatures permit slower enzymatic degradation, keeping intact the organoleptic characteristics of the harvested olives. The result is a celebration of aroma and flavour that only the best in the world can offer.”