Skypro launches cost-saving uniforms portal

April 2, 2020

Skypro has launched what is describes as a revolutionary technology for uniform procurement and stock management, the mySkypro Portal.

The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to forecast usage and replacement of uniforms, saving time, complexity and reducing stock and inventory costs.

“Managing the thousands of uniform pieces ordered every year is a major logistical challenge for procurement managers,” says Jorge Pinto, Skypro chairman & ceo.

“Airlines, hotels as well as numerous other sectors such as foodservice, medical and government institutions around the world spend a lot of money, energy and effort ensuring the right level of professional attire is always in stock, so it is important for staff to receive the right uniform in their size; to guarantee optimal stock levels; to simplify the process for product returns; and to limit time-intensive fitting sessions.”

“Our proprietary AI solution streamlines the process for uniform managers, the procurement department and employees, while reducing uniform management complexity, time and cost,” Pinto adds.

The mySkypro Portal enables a customised shopping experience for crew, giving them 100% control and accountability for receiving their uniforms. Employees can order items in three clicks, schedule fittings, have orders delivered to their doorstep and view status through an easy tracking and return system.

The Portal is able to notify uniform managers of the optimal time to place orders based on existing inventory and demand, lead times and minimum order quantities, through its AI algorithm. mySkypro also predicts the correct sizing allocation to order based on pre-defined parameters and past orders. This helps minimise stock on hand at any given time and reduces waste from overordering or stockpiling uncommon sizes, saving airlines money.

Groundforce Portugal, which employs more than 2,500 people who handle passenger, cargo, ramp and technical services for airlines, has already integrated mySkypro into its operations to streamline its uniform management process in an effort to create a more efficient system that reduces the company’s overhead investment for crew attire.

“The mySkypro Portal Uniform Management System will drive efficiency gains and speed up the uniform delivery process at Groundforce Portugal, bringing more convenience and agility to our crew,” says Ana Paiva, processes and development director at Groundforce Portugal.

“We believe managing corporate uniforms through an online portal will be the model for how uniform procurement is handled in the future, saving resources and time spent on non-core activities so that managers and crew can focus on their essential functions.”

The mySkypro Portal Uniform Management System is available for an online demonstration.

For a demo, contact Skypro