John Horsfall

Pillow Talk

April 3, 2020

Airline textile experts John Horsfall has launched an extensive pillow-menu, designed to create comfort in every cabin.

Renowned for their bespoke airline bedding and premium table linens, John Horsfall’s designers have carefully curated a new range of innovative and recycled pillow fillings to offer hotel-quality choice for the in-cabin sleep experience.

Ellie Parkes, business development manager, says: “For so long, airlines have settled for standard hollow-fibre pillows. But with expectation and technology evolving, we’re offering enhanced comfort, at all budget levels.”

With the onboard sleep arena an increasingly competitive market, John Horsfall was keen to de-mystify the differences in premium pillow types. The range includes 100% recycled polyester fibres in a variety of deniers and crimp, and can also include micro-encapsulated calming scents, each with their own individual benefits.

Denier is a measure of thickness, the lower the denier number, the finer the fibre, and therefore the softer and more down-like the filling. Parkes adds: “That’s not to say one is better than the other rather that for a day-time lumbar pillow we might recommend a high 15 denier fibre for firmer support and longevity in service, whereas a premium sleep pillow might be best in our super light 3-D fibre, for a silky feel and light support.”

John Horsfall has also been experimenting with the crimp of their fibre fillings to create pillows with increased longevity. Using balls of fine denier fibre allows the fibres to move smoothly inside the pillow, avoiding clumping and therefore giving a longer-lasting product.

“As with all our products our aim is to give the airlines something that will delight their passenger, but also please the purse-strings. For us that means beautiful, practical product which is engineered to last.”

Where product lifecycle isn’t the key driver, John Horsfall has created low-cost economy pillows which use compostable, biodegradable non-woven fabrics instead of plastic based poly’prop. Made from post-industrial wood waste, this new wood-fibre fabric has a noteworthy clean production process. Made without solvents and with minimal water usage, this soft, lightweight fabric is said to offer airlines a real ‘eco’ choice for budget cabins.

For those focused on wellbeing and the science of scent, fillings can now be upgraded with micro-encapsulation technology. John Horsfall is using patented Celessence Sleep Technology to add calming scents directly to the fibre filling on a microscopic level. Said to be scientifically proven to improve sleep quality, these scents help users fall asleep more quickly and wake up more refreshed.

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