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April 1, 2020

Do Good Labs is on a mission to do good and spread kindness through the medium of snacking. Here the team: Dr Daniel Rifkin, Damon Stanton and David Rifkin send their positive thinking to the airline industry, with love from Australia…

It was not easy to write this message. We feel the pain and loss the industry is going through. After many days of reflection and collaboration with industry leaders we realised it was vital to send this message ‘now’. It’s a message of hope for our beloved aviation industry, but also one of responsibility.

Some context before we continue. We’re an Australian snack company that started with one simple mission; to help encourage kindness in the world. This was important; even before COVID-19, the statistics around poor mental health, depression and burn out were becoming a global epidemic, leading to an unprecedented rise in suicide. We always knew that airlines had the opportunity to not only connect travellers on their destination but to inspire them to change their behaviours. We launched one of Australia’s largest wellbeing initiatives by sharing positive messages on millions of our snacks. Messages to encourage random acts of kindness, with small changes that will improve the wellbeing of passengers and their loved ones.

The world is about to go through a dark chapter with millions of souls around the world being tested. Today the health care workers are the heroes on the frontline. History shows us that we will get through this and when we do; aviation will once again be called to duty. Not just to re-connect the world to their loved ones (after months of isolation) but to re-motivate the people to share adventures again. We will be called to raise the people up from their depression.

It’s imperative that we look after our colleagues and friends in the industry so we come through the other side, stronger and closer than ever before. We are working around the clock on a free mindful program with leading health care professionals that will be available (in April) for all airlines and their crews, globally. Mindful exercises, articles and motivational quotes that are easily accessible on our website to help any of our comrades who are struggling through this chapter. When we soar up into the skies again; our front line heroes will be helping millions of people through darkness, above the clouds, and into the light.

We’re in this together. We will get through this together!

With love from Australia

Dr Daniel Rifkin, Damon Stanton, David Rifkin

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