From Russia with love

From Russia with love

March 31, 2020

AK-Service is pioneering new projects in Augmented Reality (AR) and sustainability from its fast-developing factory in Russia, specialising in inflight products.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of onboard products, and these latest initiatives follow a long track record of successes over 25 years of product development, manufacturing and the supply of onboard products for leading airlines.

Most of the company’s products are manufactured in Russia where the company has its own full-cycle production site in St. Petersburg (Russia). Established in 1994, the company has developed and expanded every year since, and today produces almost the entire range of onboard goods for amenity kits from toothbrushes and cosmetics to Business-class pouches and children’s kits with augmented reality features.

Newest to its mix are programmes to recycle and repurpose onboard products after use inflight, with a pilot scheme already underway to collect, recycle and repurpose inflight products into New Life products such as blankets for cattle need in the agricultural sector.

The AK-digital team is also pioneering a range of new digital projects, using latest technologies and offering airline customers the chance to diversify the leisure products they offer to passengers to include the newest innovations in the world of augmented reality.

The company – actually a group of businesses – has its own sewing production base with more than 600 qualified employees producing cosmetic bags, slippers (more than 15 million pairs a year!), eyemasks, blankets and other comfort items. And other production bases create a wide range of accessories and personal hygiene items for travellers. The cosmetics facility produces toothpastes, creams, balms and hotel toiletries both for A-K Services’ own projects and as part of manufacturing contracts for partners.

Aleksandr Ferents says: “Over the past couple of years, we have focused on stepping up our capabilities further so we now even produce raw materials we need for a number of our products – this way we can ensure consistent quality and have less exposure to market changes. We are always glad to show-off our factory facilities to clients who visit as our guest, we love them to see first hand just how our products are made.’

In 2018, the team introduced a lean manufacturing management system designed to help reduce costs and hence maintain low prices for our customers. This system also ensures the team has full control of all stages of production and a high level of quality control over products going onboard. A massive warehouse complex and efficient logistics system is well proven, set up to guarantee best service and delivery worldwide, in batches of any size, in the shortest time frames.

Ferents adds: ‘We are proud of all we have achieved, but will not stop here. We continue to develop our production facilities and expertise and are confident that in the near future we will be able to share further successes with the indsutry. We invite any one interested, to visit us when you can and share the story of our factory in St. Petersburg first hand. Come and you will see it is where we create and send onboard product from Russia with love”