It pays to be Humble

July 3, 2019

With pressure mounting on airlines to reduce single-use plastics, Jessica Pook discovers why The Humble Co. is giving buyers something to smile about

Dentist turned entrepreneur, Noel Abdayem, founded The Humble Co. after witnessing first hand the negative environmental impact of plastics, while performing voluntary work abroad.

With dental products ranging from bamboo toothbrushes, natural toothpaste, dental floss and even chewing gum, The Humble Co. is on a mission to provide quality oral care that is kind to the planet too.

Fresh thinking
Already featured in SAS’s amentity kit, The Humble Brush is the world’s best-selling bamboo toothbrush and features a handle made from 100% biodegradable and sustainable bamboo.

As well as being the fastest growing plant on earth, bamboo has natural anti-bacterial qualities and has been proven to last as long as any mass-produced plastic toothbrush. It also features an ergonomic grip and soft/medium bristles from DuPont that will degrade over time.

The range also includes eco-friendly dental floss, toothpicks made of corn starch, bamboo tongue cleaners and bamboo straws. The natural chewing gum has been developed in collaboration with dentists as an easy way to a healthier mouth and fresher breath. Made from all natural ingredients, the gum is sugar free, biodegradable and contains no plastic gum base. It is available in mint, tropical fruits, liqourice and lemon flavours.

World view
Sarah Hajduk, marketing director at The Humble Co. says: “It’s important to integrate environmental-friendly concerns into business operations as it increases the overall performance and perception of a brand. Doing so has a positive short- and long-term impact and will become a real necessity in the future with new consumer demands.”

As well as creating products with the lowest possible environmental impact, Humble manages the non-profit organisation, Humble Smile Foundation. Every purchase made goes towards funding oral health projects around the world, projects which deliver oral care to vulnerable children.

But sustaining a green business is not without its challenges, Hajduk adds: “We aim to use the most eco-friendly materials we can for our products but they need to be both hygienic and good performers as well, so the price and the sourcing can prove challenging. It’s extremely important to us that the quality of our products is as high as any of the top brands within the oral healthcare sector and we are confident that we have now achieved that using the best possible environmentally-friendly materials available.”