for aisha

Hungry for halal

April 3, 2020

Up and coming baby food brand, ‘for aisha’, is making it increasingly easy for airlines to provide healthy halal options for kids onboard and has been awarded our Onboard Hospitality Network Mentoring Award, in collaboration with The Hayward Partnership

Everyone loves a success story and at Onboard Hospitality we have been excited to see just how successful specialist companies can be once they get onboard.

We’re always on the look out for newcomers to the industry, be they young people, young companies or young products: those that may be the faces of the onboard sector tomorrow. Here’s one we’ve spotted and are pleased to support through our Onboard Hospitality Network Mentoring Break-through Business Grant.

Healthy halal
The halal food sector is growing extremely fast, bringing with it a strong demand for halal products onboard.

New brand ‘for aisha’ makes healthy halal certified recipes for babies using a wide variety of all natural ingredients.

Mark Salter founder & md of for aisha started the company after noticing a lack of variety amongst baby food, especially in the Muslim market. “Most of the baby food brands were doing the same things with the same recipes,” says Salter. “I set about building my own company to serve high-quality halal foods for Muslim infants, that would also be of benefit to non-Muslims.” All the recipes typically contain 20+ ingredients and are specially designed by a professional chef from Morocco before being approved by a leading children’s dietitian

The spice is just right
With recipes ranging from Indian Chicken to Cambodian Fish & Coconut Curry to Jamaican Jerk Chicken, for aisha aims to introduce children to a broader range of flavours and gentle spices, in the hope that they will go on to be better eaters in later life.

Says Salter: “My research suggested that parents want a wider variety and are open to trialling spices and herbs in their baby’s diets. If they are going to serve packaged meals they want something that is difficult, time consuming and expensive to make themselves, saving them valuable time to do other things.”

Salter is offering the pouches and trays to major international airlines now and is confident Muslim travellers will reward those which take it.