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How to tap a trend

June 5, 2019

Cereals giant Kellogg Company is stepping up its efforts to target on-the-move travellers with a focus on trend-led innovation. Julie Baxter discovers how

Build on the past
The Kellogg brand is now active in 180 countries across the world. First launched in 1898, it is best known for its breakfast offerings – Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes, Crunch Nut Cornflakes Rice Krispies and the like, but it is increasingly looking to evolve its offer to meet changing consumer habits and on-the-go demands.

Tap into trends
Newest to the mix is joyböl, a breakfast bowl specifically designed with young urban millennials in mind and actively targetting the travel sector. It’s an all-in-one fruit smoothie bowl, containing a mix of grains, nuts, seeds and fruits. Gianna Regonini is the travel channel manager at Kellogg, working with Portfolio Partners to promote the product to the onboard sector. Her team highlights the fact that if you search #SmoothieBowl on Instagram there are 1.8m posts from people looking to share experiences, and this product responds directly to that trend.

Trial innovation
The joyböl concept was the brainchild of food developers from the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, Michigan and took 18 months to develop through multiple consumer trials. It comes in three flavours Strawberry Almond Quinoa, Super Berries & Açai and Mango Coconut Chia. The user just adds cold water or milk into the pot, and it is ready to eat.

Make it practical
Regonini says: “At 10cm tall, the joyböl fits neatly into airline trolleys and comes with a spoon included. The simplicity of adding 60ml of cold (or hot) water means that this product could not be easier to prepare; it only takes 10 seconds to stir and transform into a creamy crunchy smoothie bowl. It also has a 12 months shelf life and no need for refrigeration so we are confident it will do well in the onboard market.”

Widen the scope
She believes that while created with millennials in mind, the brand has broad appeal and provides an easy way to present fruity smoothie bowls in the onboard environment. The product includes real fruit, no artificial colours, 10g protein and is high in fibre, so can also be positioned as a healthier alternative. •

• Kellogg is already successful in the inflight market with its top selling savoury snack Pringles
• Kellogg has been adding vitamins and minerals to its cereals since the 1930s and was one of the first to have guideline daily amounts labelled on front of packs in the UK
• Did you know… Corn Flakes were the result of a failed attempt to make granola!