Gusto Organic

How to make an impact

March 25, 2020

New F&B brands need courage to make it in hospitality. Here Craig Sams, co-founder of Gusto Organic, Green & Black and Whole Earth Foods shares his tips

It is sometimes hard to see how a new brand can compete when large, established companies have long-term relationships with customers. But despite obstacles, young brands, and products can make an impact.

You have to be bold. It is easy to think that airlines, for example, won’t be interested but you can only find out by engaging them with a strong pitch and an open mind. Small brands can get lost in the noise but finding one open-minded person who’s influential, could help you get a toehold.

To succeed, your new product obviously needs to taste good, look appealing and be sold effectively. A misjudged sales strategy will scupper your launch and early growth, putting off potential customers, investors and partners who may doubt your abilities to deliver in the longer term. Getting the taste, texture, or appearance of your product wrong, or poor branding, is hard to recover from.

Tea is emotive. It can help to calm passengers, help digestion and even reduce sea sickness, says Chappell. “It is extremely important to get the tea service right so that guests feels at home. By simply asking: ‘What tea would you like?’ or: ‘How would you like your tea?’ crew can create a more personal experience for the passenger and show they care.”

Create your product in your vision. Chances are that if you love it, others will too. With Gusto, co-founder William Fugard and I set out to make the taste we wanted by using only the ingredients we wanted to consume. Likewise, we made sure the design and branding resonated with us. Thankfully, it has struck a chord with others. Sticking to your guns is also the best way to bring out a genuinely new and unique product.

Strong, sustainable brands take time to build. There is no silver bullet, just time and persistence. Businesses face many decisions, some of which can challenge your ethics and values. Having clearly defined brand values will help you navigate decision-making and remain consistent. Stay true to your values.