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How to keep food secure

July 10, 2019

Inflight security is one of the biggest issues of our time and not just for passengers. Julie Baxter discovers issues being addressed across the catering supply chain

Identify the challenge
It is a legal requirement that checks are in place to ensure all products supplied to airline caterers and boarded across the UK and EU pose no risk to passengers or aircraft. But these regulations are complex and often not fully understood.

Known Suppliers
Mike Lord, director of UK security consultancy RedKite Aviation, explains: “After 9/11 controls are applied and enforced like layers of an onion from the aircraft on the runway outwards. The outer layers are the suppliers who are now required to demonstrate they reach the mandated legal requirements of safety and security allowing their product, and company, to become a ‘Known Supplier of inflight services’”.

Find solutions to help
Often airlines, especially those not based in the EU, are unaware of the detailed legal and regulatory requirements. Monty’s Bakehouse is among those taking up this challenge. Its believes it is the first company to deliver a truly comprehensive Inflight Supply (IFS) security solution across Europe, and is now X-ray screening and securely delivering its products to caterers.

Invest in change
Security manager at Monty’s Bakehouse, Harry Crane, says: “It is vital that security processes adapt and are scalable to protect our Known Supplier status and the potential changing relationship between the UK and EU post-Brexit. We have always taken our security obligations very seriously and have now invested over £750,000 in the new security system which has been very well received.”

Embed your systems
Crane adds: “Although these regulations specifically apply to UK & EU IFS, we recognise our responsibility when delivering to all of our customers and are now capable of applying these controls to all global deliveries.”

Build on a benchmark
Successful audits by accredited airline security agencies and regulated catering suppliers have confirmed the compliance of the system, which is being seen as a new benchmark.