How to…

How to drive change

July 31, 2019

Jan Blanchard, chief commercial officer Retail InMotion, shows how flexibility and innovative thinking around technology can help drive onboard change

Understand the problem
The need for digitalisation across the passenger journey is clear. Technology is a disruptor in our sector, changing the way we do things and it can ensure airlines offer the right product, service or information to the right people at the right time.

Set the goal
Technology must support all the passenger touchpoints from logistics and packing to product choice and delivery. We look at technology across the journey for passengers and crew, for inventory and point of sale activities and for pre-ordering.

Remove the barriers
It’s important to have a company structure that allows you to innovate in a creative and flexible way. The ideas for our aviation platform grew in many directions as ideas evolved. Our structure allowed that and helps us move quickly and react to need.

Target progress
We came to three key solutions. A Get Sales solution, a Seat-to-Order solution, and our MCabin crew solution. Each has distinct USPs and uses but all work together across the experience and service delivery.

Be ambitious
We work to push the established solutions further so the point of sale solution not only covers items bought onboard but extends to gate sales too with seat upgrades and extra baggage options. Pre- and in-flight ordering has to address the popularity of the smart phone; and a live inventory is essential to adjust quickly to demand. Our platform’s simplicity gives it huge potential. It can be integrated with any seat- back IFE or streaming solution.Technology also allows airlines to see what is trending and sells best, and how effective promotions are. The data becomes an enabler that allows them to make better strategic decisions.

Empower your assets
The MCabin crew solution we bought from Lufthansa empowers the crew and makes their life easier. They can see all their rosta and operations information, communicate and get insights for better passenger service.