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How to dress sustainably

October 02 2019

Airlines are looking to up their sustainability efforts with environmentally-friendly uniforms. Jessica Pook talks to Skypro about ‘green’ design

Its in the fabric
At a time when airlines are under pressure to reduce waste, uniform specialist Skypro is building on its sustainability credentials. The company supplies airlines such as Etihad Airways, TAP Air Portugal and Fly Dubai, and is now using recyclable fabrics and ecological suppliers throughout the design process.

A perfect partnership
Skypro sources production partners that have ecological certifications and that fulfil all European Union CSR directives. These suppliers guarantee proper waste management, savings in water consumption, reduction of carbon emissions and zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. Jorge Pinto, ceo of Skypro, says: “We are conscious of the urgent need to use sustainable methods. Our suppliers and factories throughout production are certified with Oeko Tex, which certifies the product is free of harmful chemicals, and Blue Sign, which represents the responsible and sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products.”

Change is challenging
While uniforms are an important matter, they’re far from being the airlines’ main business. Says Pinto: “Sometimes airlines are hesitant to change the uniform as it usually involves all staff members. To overcome these challenges, we do our best to present scientific arguments when changing the materials, designs and budgets. We aim to be airline partner, much more than just a product supplier.”

Adapt to the future
Skypro believes that circular economy – a system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources – will become mandatory in the near future. To be part of this movement, both airlines and suppliers will have to constantly innovate with new fabrics and adopt more sustainable solutions.

The crew is key
Pinto adds: “I think we are witnessing some changes in the way uniforms are being seen internally. Airlines want the crew to be proud of their uniform, conscious that this affects the company image.”