Headspace technology

How to aid sleep onboard

October 02, 2019

Quality sleep onboard is a challenge. April Waterston discovers how
Headspace technology can help both crew and passengers get some rest

Identify the problem
With technology seeping into almost every element of the passenger experience, it’s no surprise that it is now helping travellers get a bit of shut-eye, too. Headspace is a mobile app designed to help users relax through guided meditation and peaceful sounds.

Enlist an expert
Last year the app added Sleep by Headspace, with tracks specifically tailored to create the ideal conditions for a healthy restful sleep. The Headspace Sleep team developed a new collection of restful sounds and meditation tracks based on prototypes tested with real users, as well as a careful review of existing clinical research.

Dare to innovate
Virgin Atlantic has been watching these innovations develop, having teamed up with Headspace eight years ago for guided meditation content as part of its IFE. Now Virgin Atlantic also offers six of Headspace’s most popular sleep casts, sleep sounds and wind-downs designed to help passengers get better rest onboard.

Create calm conditions
Using the “TV” section on their IFE systems, passengers can choose an exercise to suit them, and block out the agitating distractions of the cabin. The sleep casts are narrated by soothing, unique voices that guide the listener through each dreamy environment. The exercises can help passengers fall asleep, or simply help calm nervous flyers.

Share the love
All of Virgin Atlantic’s pilots and cabin crew have time to rest during their flights. Many crew members use the meditation or sleep casts to help them get the most out of this precious down time. “We have already seen positive results such as an increase in focus and productivity by providing Headspace to the Virgin Atlantic pilots, crew and staff as they manage workplace stress and jet lag,” says Dan Kessler, vp of global business development at Headspace. “We’re excited to provide Sleep and other Headspace mindfulness content to passengers.”