Ads that fly

October 02 2019

Barcelona-based Immfly launched a specialist media division earlier this year. Laura Gelder looks at why, and what it can do for airlines and advertisers

Immfly has worked on many high profile onboard ad campaigns but a significant volume of requests prompted it to launch a specialist media sales division focused on helping airlines commercialise onboard assets, from inflight entertainment to flight path maps.

Adsfly’s Onboard Adserver aims to provide a focused ads revenue solution for the airline industry, giving airlines the chance to enhance the customer experience and generate more revenue, and brands the space to showcase inthe skies whilst monitoring ROI.

Captive audience
Combining digital IFE system assets with aircraft assets, advertisers can now place messages, products, services and deals in unique ways in front of a captive audience. Adsfly’s media packages are backed up with new technology, enabling brands to interact with passengers and enhance their travel experience.

Designed as a one-stop-shop, 360-degree solution, adsfly is hardware agnostic, flexible and designed to give advertisers and airlines more autonomy. It allows campaigns to be segmented by audience.

“Adsfly is easy to intergrate with any inflight entertainment system, says Sotiris Damianos, senior advisior at Immfly. “We’re reducing time and labour because everything can be remotely managed. We’re helping companies manage assets, upload campaigns and monitor KPIs and helping airlines boost customer loyalty and reduce waste because we can collect and analyse data on customer habits.”

Ramón Rodríguez Sánchez, advertising manager of Adsfly, says: “Advertisers are very interested in the expertise we provide to manage onboard digital assets in combination with traditional inflight media.”

Digital & physical
Immfly believes that the combination of digital and offline environments is proven to work with passengers. Its highprofile onboard ad campaigns have included providing onboard product samples for Oreo and Coca Cola and a campaign for Rakuten TV on easyJet flights which integrated messages on offline aircraft assets (like seatbacks), with digital streaming media.

Adsfly is already offering advertisers the chance to pair other assets with the inflight experience, including those at airports, gates, lounges and car parks.