A new era begins

September 5, 2019

This year’s combined APEX/IFSA/AIX EXPO in L.A. has been designed to serve as a thought leadership forum, and focus attention on sustainable development goals for our industry.

APEX/IFSA ceo, Joe Leader, says: “EXPO marks a new era for our industry in advancing a new, golden age of travel. Our APEX/IFSA Board of Governors now proudly reaches around the world and has helped drive a comprehensive and thought-provoking speaker programme this year.”

The event led in with a pre-show in-air conference being staged onboard the Lufthansa A380 FlyingLab on route from Europe to EXPO location, L.A.

Then on Monday, airline leaders from over 100 airlines worldwide came together to focus on the future, with a day of thought leadership, many coming direct from FTE Global in Las Vegas held beforehand. Over a dozen airline ceos and United Nations representatives joined the debate.

On Monday evening, APEX/IFSA held its first combined awards event, and from Tuesday to Thursday, the Los Angeles Convention Center is hosting around 500 key airline business partners exhibiting across the three show areas.

Leader adds: “The time spent connecting at EXPO will shape the year 2020 directly ahead of us. It will help herald the dawn of a new decade that will be even brighter than the last.”