Bare necessities

June 25, 2019

New inflight free-from brand, Bare Food Travels, is determined to make free-from
foods fun with local flavours and quirky stories. Julie Baxter discovers more

Bears, apparently, are the original flexitarians! They enjoy a plant-based diet much of the time but are true carnivores when they can be. And just such a travelling bear – with discerning tastes and special meal requirements – has become the inspiration behind a new range of inflight free-from products, Bare Food Travels

The brainchild of culinary consultant Marc Warde and his business partner Adrian Morgan, the range includes hot snacks, desserts and packaged snacks.

Warde explains: “All our food follows a free-from philosophy but the point is you wouldn’t know it. We just want it to be delicious. Even the most hardened carnivore might be persuaded to try our delicious plant-based dishes. Our goal is to create a truly inclusive brand specifically for the travel industry.”

Bare’s backstory
Every product comes with a quirky back- story of how Bare the bear was inspired to create the offering after chatting with street vendors, dough masters, taverna owners and local grandmas while travelling. Meeting all types with all sorts of dietary conundrums and concerns, he’s been inventive and creative and has launched with 21 destination-inspired products, with more, plus cakes and snacks, coming soon.

Bare in London is a breakfast eggy-bread sandwich with tomato/chorizo relish and smoked bacon; Bare in Milan is a vegan pizza; Bare in Stockholm is a meat-ball wrap and Bare in Cape Cod is a juicy 100% beef cheeseburger with all the trimmings.

Bare in Mexico is a refried bean Burrito and Bare in Mykonos pairs souvlaki with pitta and tzatziki. Daal in naan feature for Bare in Mumbai while Bare in Bangkok is a Thai Red Curry wrap. There are destination inspired desserts too – waffle from Belgium and churros from Spain – and an i-Scream range of vegan chilled desserts.

Stress-free special meals
Warde, a coeliac himself and specialist in gluten-free cooking, explains:

“Special diets can be surrounded by anxiety, we wanted to create something that fully addressed all the issues but was also engaging and entertaining, and brought something of the destination onboard.”

All the products are gluten and nut-free and many are dairy-free and vegan too. They are designed for second service snacks or retail and build on Warde’s range of full-service Libero branded special meals.