June 25, 2019

French company Flymingo is hoping to bring simplicity to IFE with its boxed solution, says Laura Gelder

Flymingo is a wireless IFE solution allowing passengers to connect to a digital platform via their own devices.

The product has been used on Air France since early 2018 and also features onboard XL Airways, Air Belgium and in Paris airports Charles de Gaulle and Orly.

A boxed entertainment system, it has an open interface which can be connected with a company’s own APIs. It can be battery or aircraft powered and has 15 hours battery autonomy.

Flymingo sells its solution on value and simplicity – there is no installation cost because the device is simply placed in the overhead bins.

The makers of Flymingo say it can provide quality HD streaming for up to 100 passengers. If there are more customers, an extra device can be added but Flymingo is really pitched at narrowbody aircraft.

All passengers need to do to get access to Flymingo is connect to the wifi and the portal launches automatically in their browser.

A server is preloaded with 1,000 hours of content – movies, TV programmes, games, regional and international news and music, as well as a moving map. Flymingo can also be loaded with a company’s own content, enabling them to promote their own brand and services.

Flymingo also has a boutique section which can help companies increase their ancillary revenue. The digital catalogue can detail shopping opportunities as well as buy on board food menus and crew get sales notifications via the app and can check stock levels and monitor how many devices are connected.

For airlines looking to increase ancillary revenue, a module for advertising has the option to feature push offers and develop an immersive ‘brand corner’ to create new touchpoints with passengers.
Whilst personal data cannot be gathered, crew can look at overall order trends and download analysis as well as service feedback through the app.

Future proof
Flymingo is still evolving its product and this year’s update enables streaming to be paused automatically if the crew make an announcement. Coming soon, another update will add more content aimed at kids and business travellers. •