The human touch

Jeremy Clark, APOT’s CEO, reflects on the tech revolution transforming hospitality in Asia.

Access all areas

United Airlines is winning plaudits for its onboard accessibility initiatives. Learn more from IFE Senior Manager, Corinne Streichert

Infusing style

Yuichi Ishihara, from tangerine, and Akira Mitsumasu, from JAL, share their CX collaboration

IRCG’s greener vision

International Rail Catering Group’s chairman, Roger Williams, introduces a new cohort of onboard service trailblazers

100 years of BA

This August, British Airways marked its centenary. George Banks, who served the company for 33 years, looks back

Ads that fly

Barcelona-based Immfly launched a specialist media division earlier this year. Laura Gelder looks at why, and what it can do for airlines

Sweet sensation

We Love Cake has reformulated its entire product range in advance of new UK government targets to cut sugar consumption

How to dress sustainably

Airlines are looking to up their sustainability efforts with environmentally-friendly uniforms. Jessica Pook talks to Skypro

Closed-loop recycling

With the world moving towards a more circular economy, April Waterston finds out how Global-C is tackling with it

How to rethink U.S service

Following Alaska Airlines’ merger with Virgin America Julie Baxter discovers how the SPIRIANT team helped reinvent its service

A human touch

This year marks the 10th anniversary of amenities specialist FORMIA Julie Baxter discovers more

How to ensure satisfaction

Experience guru Keith Yates has worked with a host of top-ranked airlines and high-end hotels. Julie Baxter discovers more

How to seal in style

Packaging Automation has been helping deliver sealed catering concepts for over 50 years. Julie Baxter finds out how

Wireless listening

RHA has introduced a way in which passengers can use wireless headphones for IFE. Jessica Pook finds out how

How to aid sleep onboared

Quality sleep onboard is a challenge. April Waterston discovers how Headspace technology can help

How to diversify into drinks

BestPartner has been supplying airlines with hot snacks for 15 years, so why, and how, did they move into beverages, asks Laura Gelder

Snack Innovators

Joe & Seph’s, purveyors of award-winning gourmet popcorn, talk about premium products discover more

All change?

U.S. airlines are sharpening their focus. Julie Baxter asks Paul Platamone, outgoing IFSA president, how suppliers can keep up

Cater a new region

dnata Catering is moving in on the North American market. Robin Padgett, senior divisional vp, tells Julie Baxter how

U.S. rail review

The U.S. rail sector is now being shaken up by high-speed services and new operators like Virgin. Roger Williams discovers more

A new era begins

Onboard Hospitality speaks to APEX/IFSA ceo, Joe Leader, as the doors open on this year’s APEX/IFSA/AIX EXPO

Socially awkward

Julie Baxter asks PR expert, Piers Zangana, why our industry has been so slow to get involved in social media

Showtime inflight

Live-streaming has the power to add value to entertainment systems. Jessica Pook learns more from Viasat

How to get safe wifi

Airline and train wifi can be patchy. Richard Williams looks into a potential solution: Cognitive Hotspot Technology

How to drive change

Jan Blanchard, chief commercial officer Retail InMotion, shows how flexibility and innovative thinking can drive change

A Brit of alright

As retail partner to British Airways, Tourvest has been helping the carrier link up with great British brands

How to debut a new train

Roger Williams, chair of IRCG, discovers how LNER prepared for the launch of its breakthrough ‘Azumas’

How to keep food secure

Inflight security is one of the biggest issues of our time and not just for passengers. Julie Baxter discovers more

It pays to be humble

With pressure mounting on airlines to reduce single-use plastics, Jessica Pook discovers why

How to lighten up

Onboard caterers are looking for tableware alternatives. Cutlery specialist, Sola, tells Julie Baxter it has the solution

Bare necessities

New airline catering brand, Bare Food Travels, is making free-from foods fun and flavoursome with destination-focused recipes

Boxing Clever

French technology company Flymingo is hoping to bring simplicity to IFE with its boxed solution, Laura Gelder discovers more

Customising Economy

Premium cabins get the glamour and much glory but now Etihad Airways is turning on the charm in Economy, says Julie Baxter

The need for seed

McCormick & Company has been monitoring flavour trends for the past 20 years. Steve Love shares insights on the next big trend

Net gains

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) bring great pride or huge disappointment in our sector. Julie Baxter discovers how

Smell the coffee

The aroma of real coffee creates demand, brings a sense of home and carries a quality message. Julie Baxter discovers more

How to tap a trend

Cereals giant Kellogg Company is stepping up its efforts to target on-the-move travellers, Julie Baxter discovers how

Thinking holistically

From eco-burgers to clean label foods, Marfo tells Julie Baxter how it has transformed itself

Motivate retail growth

Alpha’s Sharjah base has helped transform Air Arabia’s onboard retail programme. Julie Baxter discovers how

Food stories

Now it’s entering a new era of innovative food concepts and collaborations for onboard. Julie Baxter gets a preview

Future growth

Leading amenities supplier FORMIA has revamped its management structure
for growth and innovation, says Julie Baxter

Invigorate your brand

Thinking of refreshing your brand? Julie Baxter discovers how textiles supplier John Horsfall is invigorating its brand.

Designer style

Travel Designer’s team is drawing on its experience across high-end cosmetics and perfume houses. Julie Baxter looks closer

Rail beauty

Kaelis design lead Manoj Pridhanani has called on rail operators to bring a touch of beauty. Julie Baxter discovers how

Smart shopping inflight

Earlier this year ATPCO acquired Routehappy and with it a rich bank of content for airline shopping. Ben Coren discovers more

How to reinvent airline food

Virgin Atlantic is reinventing inflight dining through a collaboration with food writer Donal Skehan. Eloise Bain discovers more

Sky-high success

Iberia Express was Immfly’s first partner for its onboard digital services platform. Richard Williams crunches the numbers

Ditching dairy

Plant-based milk products are fast becoming a hot trend, even among dairy consumers. Jessica Pook discovers why

It’s a gift

As the trend towards onboard gifting comes to the fore, George Banks looks back at unusual gifts of the past

Create a circular economy

gategroup’s deSter is stepping up its focus on sustainable design with ambitious goals for the future. Julie Baxter discovers more

Menu musts

An attractive menu card is the most important advertising tool an airline has as they seek to inspire buy-on-board sales. Jessica Pook explores some fundamentals

Ensure land-quality wifi

A third of passengers insist inflight wifi must be as good as they get on the ground. Richard Williams asks satellite operator SES how to deliver just that

Tech that cares

Panasonic Avionics has developed a Wellness programme as part of its NEXT platform. Richard Williams reports

On a mission

Vietnam Airlines Caterers has a simple mission. To be the best in the Asia Pacific region Julie Baxter discovers how


Portuguese plastics manufacturer Gispol has reinvented itself in the tableware market. Laura Gelder discovers why and how

DFMi at 30

Julie Baxter discovers how the company has stayed on trend through three turbulent decades

Does the U.S. deliver?

American airlines are on the up but is their financial success coming at an expense? Julie Baxter explores more…

Sealing the deal

Textiles manufacturer Orvec now seals fabric edges without using hemming. Julie Baxter discovers more

Smelling success

Kaelis recently created a special scent for Royal Air Maroc Fernanda Veiga, explains how scent supports a brand

Sweating the small stuff

RMT Global Partners is fast broadening its reach beyond the U.S. Richard Tuttle explains how and why it is going for growth

Seat pocket surprises

How times change onboard and not least the gifts stowed in the seat back. George Banks looks back at the beautiful gifts of the past

Edible insects

People around the world have been eating insects for generations but would you put products made from creepy crawlies onboard? Jo Austin gets the bug