Count your blessings

July 10, 2018

In a hectic world of quick fixes and fast food, juice specialist bless is going back to nature to try and restore some natural beverage balance. Laura Gelder finds out more.

In a beverage market awash with juice options fighting for our attention, the back story and ingredient credentials of cold-pressed juice business bless will certainly make consumers look twice.

Based in Hong Kong, the ethos of the product development team revolves around restoring life’s balance by reconnecting with nature and a natural diet. The in-house dietitians and nutritionists strive to create nutritional cold-pressed juices that will nourish passengers from the inside out. They lead a research and development team and offer tailored cleansing programmes and specific juice mixes to target specific health and wellbeing priorities.

Bless offers a variety of products, from vitamin blends and organic juices to detox juice cleanse programmes.

Juices are pressed daily in Hong Kong, and contain no sugar and no preservatives. “The freshness of the fruit combined with our carefully designed combinations are designed to maximise well-being.”

Peter Wong, business development manager at bless, says: “Our aim is to stand apart from our competitors, not just as a juice company but as a business that helps inspire and innovate a healthy diet which doesn’t compromise on taste.”

All juices are 100% juice and the cold-pressed process is said to help retain the fruit’s full-flavour, vibrant colour and important nutrients. The juices have a 90-day shelf life thanks to HPP (high pressure pasteurisation) a process which pasteurises without heat and hence without damaging the nutrients.

Already being served to First and Business passengers on Qatar, Cathay Pacific and regional carrier Cathay Dragon, the company’s products are offered in 270ml bottles for buy-on-board service and one litre bottles for onboard service – all packaged in plastic.

The choice within the range is extensive, with 30 flavours split up into single juices, including orange, Asian pear, fuji apple and watermelon, and mixes. Mixes are numbered and many of their names relate to their benefits. ‘Skin Angel’ for example supports skin health (pineapple, Asian pear and lime) while ‘Heart Guardian’ is tailored to promote a healthy heart (pineapple, orange, Asian pear and beetroot), and ‘Dr Detox’ (green apple, spinach, cucumber and parsley) has cleansing properties. Bless can custom-make for airlines and makes all its products from natural and unprocessed ingredients, sourced as close to Hong Kong as possible.