July 25, 2024

Beond launches as the world’s first, one-class, premium leisure airline 

Cabin Concept of the Year 2024: Private Jet Finalist

Concept launched: Launch flight November 2023

Elements: Interior design, Comfort, Technology, Catering, CSR

Beond’s vision is to provide guests with affordable luxury through a seamless travel experience, taking them to the best places in the world, and creating unforgettable experiences.

The team says the concept is simple: “As we journey be(y)ond the ordinary and take air travel to new heights, we aim to remove the hassle from flying and recall the ease of bygone glamour, when every flight was an occasion to be celebrated.”

Working with branding agency PaulWylde, which previously worked with brands such as Hilton, JetBlue and BMW, the Beond brand rose to the top from 160 initial ideas. The graphic designer explained his intentional misspelling of the word ‘beyond’ to make the logo look cool visually while the O, balanced in the middle, could also become a symbolic world window, a window on the greatest of travel experiences.

The all (premium) Business class airline offers a combination of enhanced comfort, improved amenities, efficient use of space, accessibility and personalised service. This includes dedicated cabin crew, only priority boarding and exclusive lounge access. The focus is to create a seamless journey which sets it apart. It’s about bringing the private jet atmosphere onboard.

Taking a cohesive and innovative approach to the guest experience and designed to give a sense of personal space, the concept optimises the cabin layout to maximise space efficiency. Seat design prioritises comfort through ergonomic and privacy features, and a sense of exclusivity comes from the interconnected amenities and services.

Aiming to set a new benchmark for luxury travel, key elements include the IFE, premium amenities, gourmet dining options, top-notch seating solution and carefully crafted interiors along with well-trained cabin crew to provide personalised premium service and hospitality.

Beond has an unwavering commitment to being world-class in every aspect and strives to introduce design innovations that further elevate the travel experience and provide exceptional service.

The first scheduled flight was out of Munich, Germany to Male, Maldives, with Zurich, Switzerland and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, launching subsequently, and we Milan, Dubai and Bangkok launching this summer.

Classy catering

Beond partnered with Clip to offer a bespoke tableware collection from distinguished brands William Edwards (fine china), Robert Welch (cutlery) and Chilewich (place settings). The tableware collection is infused with old-world refinement and traditional craftsmanship and uses fine china with subtle golden watermark patterns. Every piece of the set incarnates understated luxury. In addition, the cutlery chosen was developed in partnership with Robert Welch, a heritage English manufacturer. True to the silversmithing DNA of the brand, every element is finely polished and shaped for a comfortable hold, beauty, ease-of-use, and operational efficiency.

The carrier’s chefs created a range of global and regional specialty dishes, using sustainably-sourced ingredients; with a low carbon footprint where possible. To date, guests have rated the inflight catering highly, especially the Maldivian lobster tail dish.

Elegant comfort

The seating solutions selected are top-end and manufactured by Optimares. The launch aircraft features 44 all lie-flat seats with a unique design and configuration, upholstered by craftsmen with Pelle Frau® by Poltrona Frau, for a elegance and comfort. These elegantly crafted lie-flat seats are designed to provide the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, set in a 2-2 configuration so guests feel closer to their family and friends.

One-of-a-kind design

From the design of the light and airy interior cabin to the selection of industry-leading experts like Paul Wylde to inspire the luxury seat design, Beond has tried to leave no stone unturned in its quest for a world-class innovative service and an elegant and sophisticated cabin interior. It is committed to ensuring a one-of-a-kind premium luxury experience through collaboration with industry design experts and drawing inspiration from the world of innovative luxury for the onboard ambiance.

Cutting-edge tech

Beond recognises the pivotal role of IFE in elevating the passenger experience and to ensure an excellent experience it has equipped each seat with a high-end Apple iPad and Beats stereo, noise-cancelling headsets, serving as a personal screen for passengers. Guests can also opt to bring and use their own devices onboard and view their personal content.

Premium looks

Beond chose a dark graphite grey livery which appears almost black in bright sunlight. It is the darkest colour possible without compromising air conditioning. The team collaborated extensively with a German paint manufacturer and Airbus to achieve this with the goal of creating a sophisticated and unique aircraft livery that portrays a premium look. The ‘bubbles’ design on the tailfin can be interpreted as champagne bubbles or underwater diving/snorkelling bubbles. The heart of the Beond service lies with the experienced cabin crew, who take pride in delivering consistent inflight service, always with a smile.

CSR Elements

Optimares is an industry leader in lightweight aviation seating. These seats not only provide the ultimate comfort but also contribute to the overall weight reduction of the aircraft, thus optimising fuel efficiency. By opting with iPad Pros instead of seatback systems for IFE, Beond further lowered the overall weight of the aircraft, since a typical seatback installation adds an average 20kg per seat. Onboard, service minimises the use of single-use plastics, and blankets are made with recycled materials. The selected chefs have created sustainable, low-carbon menus where possible.