Winning product: Moscow Mule

Best Onboard Beverage

Crafthouse Cocktails won the 2016 Onboard Hospitality Award for Best Onboard Beverage for its Moscow Mule beverage served on United Airlines. We ask United how and why they put the product onboard…

Q.How do you and your team get your inspiration for new products?
A. There’s no better way to find inspiration for new products than by connecting with our customers! We are continually motivated by — and appreciate — customer and employee feedback. We are always in search of new and unique products and brand partnerships and particularly like those which surprise and delight our customers.

Q.How did this product come into your beverage range and why?
A. Our alliance with Crafthouse® Cocktails was truly fate, and we’re thrilled with the partnership. Crafthouse Cocktails was looking for an airline partner to help bring its brand to new heights, and we were looking for a high-quality, pre-mixed craft cocktail, with roots in one of our hub cities, to serve on our aircraft.

Q.Are airlines looking for more unusual beverage options?
A. Yes – competition in the industry definitely drives airlines to think outside the box for more unusual, customised onboard snack and beverage options. United is always looking for new and unique ways to differentiate our onboard beverage selections, and pre-mixed craft cocktails are just one exciting way to do so!

Q.What exciting project/trend are you responding to next?
A. With the launch of United Polaris on December 1, we are introducing a new specialty beverage options to our premium cabin travellers. On long-haul international flights, customers will have the opportunity to build their own Bloody Mary or specialty Mimosa, or undertake some wine-tasting inflight.

Q.How has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award helped your business?
A. Winning the 2016 award has encouraged us to continue to find only the best and brightest new onboard offerings for our customers. We are honoured to be recognised by Onboard Hospitality and look forward to the competition again next year!