Perth Inflight Catering

Winning product: Croque Madame

2016 Best Onboard Snack (First and Business)

Perth Inflight Catering won the 2016 Onboard Hospitality Award for Best Onboard Snack (First and Business) for its Croque Madame. We learn more about the people behind the product from MD Salim Hazife…

Q.How do you and your team get your inspiration for new products?
A. We have built a menu development team with a wide culinary background who each bring their skills and experience into developing new products for our customers. We also regularly eat out to see what inspiration we can get from the local scene, especially innovative ways to use fresh local produce.

Q.How did this product come into your snack range and why?
A. For this menu our customer was looking for quality “midnight snack” dishes. We thought about what it is we feel like eating at that time of night. We wanted something comforting while also using premium ingredients. The base idea was for a toasted sandwich but once we started bringing premium ingredients into the dish it morphed into the open Croque Madame.

Q.Are airlines looking for more unusual snacks in First and Business?
A. I think the dishes need to have an element of familiarity to them. If the passenger can connect with the essence of a dish you can then play with texture and composition to give that point of difference.

Q.Have you managed to get the product onboard any airlines?
A. Yes the dish is currently flying on Etihad Airways from Perth to Abu Dhabi.

Q.What exciting project/trend are you responding to next?
A. We have a few exciting dishes coming up using fresh local ingredients.

Q.How has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award helped your business?
A. Winning this Onboard Hospitality Award has been a great boost for our company. As an independent competing against the big guys it has proven that we are capable of competing on their level and has shown prospective customers that we are the real deal.