June 19, 2024

Ava Airways Selects Moment For Wireless IFE

Ava Airways passengers will soon find wireless inflight entertainment (W-IFE) onboard from Moment. The European specialist of digital inflight services will be providing its 360° wireless IFE solution Flymingo Box across Ava Airways’s fleet of Airbus a320 from 2022.

Ava Airways is a Dominican Republic airline venture, established to cater for the demand between its hub at Santo Domingo and the Caribbean, Latin America, North American, European, and later, African destinations. “With Ava Airways, we didn’t want to just envision a bunch of loosely connected potential innovations,” shares Olivier Arrindell, CEO at Ava Airways. “Instead, what we have done is create a cohesive concept for the airline of the future”.

The Flymingo Box is a compact W-IFE device stored securely in overhead lockers. It allows more than 100 passengers to watch videos simultaneously. It delivers services designed to engage passengers and build customer loyalty as well as increase ancillary revenue. The contract also includes content sourcing and licensing for Ava Airways’s a320 and a330 aircraft.

“With the Flymingo Box, Ava Airways will have a wide array of solutions deployed across our Aircraft, leveraging technology to provide innovative onboard services.” says Arrindell. “Our strategy is to go beyond the traditional borders of in-flight entertainment. Ava Airways is committed to building a fostered relationship with Moment and is looking forward to taking over the world of aviation with new routes and exciting passenger experiences onboard.”

Yves Laffiché, sales director at Moment said: “We are thrilled to begin this partnership with Ava Airways, a genuine disruptor in the airline market.” He adds: “With the Flymingo box, Ava Airways will offer a one-of-a-kind passenger experience, ensuring access to entertainment and digital services like never before.”