And so to bed

Sleep Well

Milk drink specialist Sleep Well has designed a naturally-enhanced UHT milk drink which supports passenger relaxation. Available in 200ml sip ‘n’ sleep cartons, the drink is made using Jersey milk, natural relaxant valerian, honey and vanilla and has a long shelf life..


Snoooze reckons it has come up with a remedy to help combat the lack of sleep associated with travel and jetlag. The natural sleep drink contains a combination of herbs selected to support natural sleep cycles and help passenger wake up feeling refreshed.


Brandpark’s Comfort Pilot offers a solution to the challenge of sleeping while seated. Comfort Pilot gently supports the head while still allowing passengers the freedom to move from side to side. The product fits around the headrest so as to avoid disturbing the screen behind your seat, and is easily adjustable to fit each individual’s head size and seat.

Calm Inflight

Calm, the #1 app for meditation and sleep and is currently onboard American Airlines. Part of the seatback IFE system, Calm offers seven customised meditation episodes, two popular ‘sleep stories’, and three relaxing nature scene videos. All are designed to help passengers prioritise mental fitness and relaxation inflight.


WellbeMed has created a chocolate bar designed to encourage sleep onset, using only natural ingredients. The WellbeSLEEP bar contains a mixture of herbs, lemon balm, oats, oat fibre and hops – the latter of which research suggests has a sedative effect. Passengers are advised to have the snack 30 minutes before they want to sleep as the sleep-promoting effects only last for around 60 minutes.