July 25, 2024

Looking ahead to AmberSky 2024 

AmberSky 2024 is billed as the ‘global one-stop event for onboard retail and ancillary revenue’ and is taking place from February 13-15 in Riga, Latvia. At the time of writing, 25 airlines have registered to participate. 

“Onboard retail is where my passion lies,” explains Aleksejs Romanovs,  a member of the independent organising committee, consisting of airline professionals from several organisations. “After the pandemic, the demand for onboard retail is at unprecedented levels.”

AmberSky 2024 

AmberSky 2024 promises to be a platform for discussing onboard retail and possible solutions to airlines’ requirements. “We will start on February 13. It is three full days for cabin crew and two full days for administration,” explains Aleksejs of the event, whose venue is the Hotel Radisson Blu Latvija in the heart of Riga

“On February 14, after the opening ceremony, we will have what we are terming a panel discussion; a tech talk where the general sponsors will bring into the spotlight the actualities of the day. Then we will host a trade show, until 3.00 pm on February 15. Both suppliers and buyers will have a list of meetings during an intimate event with between 200 and 250 people in total. Judging by the registration forms that we have received, we will have around 50 cabin crew delegates, 60 supplier delegates and the rest will be airline and operator delegates. After 3.00 pm we will hold a series of workshops,” outlines Aleksejs. 

“All delegates will be also treated with carefully planned linking activities, during each evening of the event, as after pandemic years there is obvious need to reconnect and get to know each other,” he adds.  

A unique onboard retail event 

AmberSky 2024 is an independent, holistic onboard retail event that is supported by Retail inMotion. It will have four pillars, one being the role and training of cabin crew. It will also provide ideas and potential solutions relating to points of sale and technology, products and know-how relating to ancillaries. 

“In essence, you also need to know how to do it depending on your airline strategy, on the average flight time and targets. Therefore we are focusing on that,” says Aleksejs, acknowledging that while sharing similarities, the requirements of every airline differ. “We want to answer all of the questions that might be raised by airlines.” 

“If you are looking into or doing onboard retail in any way or part of the process, starting from cabin crew all the way through to catering and chefs, you must be at AmberSky 2024. You won’t find so many insights, opportunities and options regarding onboard retail in one place anywhere in the world over the next 12 months,” concludes Aleksejs of the forthcoming event in Latvia.