June 25, 2024

Albéa pivots to support crisis

Albéa’s 15,000 employees around the world have come together as one team to find solutions during the COVID-19 crisis, adapting the company’s offering and manufacturing hand sanitisers and hydroalcoholic gel for healthcare workers.

Maxime Ridoux, business development & partnerships manager – Albéa Travel Designer, says: “Hand sanitisers are a new must-have everywhere in the world. Consumers expect these products to be easy-to-use outside and at-home, with reliable closure. A global leader in beauty packaging, Albéa can offer hand sanitiser packaging options from tube, foam pump and bottle, to protect gel and lotions. Our top management is fighting against the virus through its our own factory as well, producing tubes and pumps as needed.

“The global crisis has largely paralysed the travel industry, and sweeps away our certainties but invites us to reinvent ourselves by adapting to new passenger needs. We are using our knowledge of travel and passenger expectations, our purchasing power, import and design expertise to create tailor-made kit solutions. We see a light at the end of the tunnel, deconfinement is around the corner, and we must increase our efforts on personal safety and prepare for the world of tomorrow with a new customer experience.“

The company is offering kits which can include masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, wipes and hand cream among other items.

Ridoux adds: “We must fight this virus together. It has brought solidarity and collaboration; sharing values will help all of us build a sustainable future. Everyone can help and contribute, and doing so shows we are working in a great industry where people are agile, flexible and able to react quickly despite the crisis that took all airlines by storm.

“We are only at the beginning of the change, we will all have to adapt together, with the airlines. Nothing should go back to normal. Normal wasn’t working. Airlines will have to secure the confidence of their passengers again, and this is where we have a role to play.”