June 20, 2024

airBaltic reveals new services for on board digital platform

airBaltic has revealed it will add a preorder function and loyalty programme modules to its digital onboard service platform, airBaltic SKY Service. The platform was custom built by LSG Sky Chefs and is tailored to airBaltic’s needs.

The service enables passengers to use their mobile devices to order items from the on board menu as well as airBaltic Sky Shop, check the company’s current destinations and ticket prices, and sign up for the airBaltic Club loyalty program. Passengers are also able to read Baltic Outlook magazine and the airBaltic Blog.

Since its introduction, the most popular items purchased have been freshly brewed coffee and a cloth face mask.

Martin Gauss, chief executive officer of airBaltic, said: “By introducing the airBaltic SKY Service, we took a step forward in offering our passengers a more personalised service, and the possibility of adding various new functionalities in the future. The first three months have shown that an increasing proportion of passengers are now using it.

“As for inflight sales modules, we see that customers are buying more boutique products. The platform is being used as a sole channel for ordering, which leads to the conclusion that going 100% digital is not in the distant future.”