February 21, 2024

Air New Zealand partners with Touch 

Air New Zealand has partnered with Touch Inflight Solutions to provide inflight entertainment and connectivity aboard flights. Starting this month, the partnership means passengers aboard Air New Zealand flights can look forward to a range of fresh content during journeys. 

New Zealand’s flag carrier is leveraging Touch’s proprietary digital media tools and services to deliver inflight entertainment (IFE) to passengers. It means new content, including entertainment from and about the county in the Pacific Ocean. 

It means the airline will be able to utilise services including automated media management, media processing and delivery, bespoke media curation plus content licensing and analytics. That means that the inflight entertainment system to frequently update the system with fresh content that appeals to passengers. 

“We at Touch are humbled, proud and very much looking forward to developing a strategic partnership with Air New Zealand, and support the customer-centric and digital focus that we all as passengers have been exposed to with their service. Touch is bringing innovative tools, together with a great team and the right mindset, aiming to maximise the inflight entertainment experience by introducing bespoke and data-driven content curation, while accelerating content delivery at the same time,” commented André Valera, Vice-President of Business Development at Touch. 

It means that Touch now provide Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) solutions to airlines in more than 20 countries. Touch is headquartered in the US at Coral Gables, Florida. 

The Touch system makes it possible to deliver media onboard an aircraft in just 24 hours, a major improvement from the established 60-day standard. That means a bottleneck to the delivery of fresh content has been removed. 

The technologies delivered by Touch that are being used by Air New Zealand include ABOVE, the first cloud-based media distribution platform. Touch Media Center, a proprietory, web-based IFE workflow platform. 

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