April 15, 2024

Air France shows it cares

Air France is showing its determination to support the national effort against COVID-19 by donating products to support healthcare workers, patients and all those working alongside them.

The airline has donated thousands of health and beauty products initially intended for its passengers. More than 20 hospitals throughout France received hundreds of pallets containing more than 17,000 comfort kits, thousands of sleep masks and earplugs largely curated by its supplier partners including Albea Travel Designers. The items, originally created for use on Joon, went to patients in intensive care and are also being used by care workers.

In addition, some 20,000 first-aid kits and headsets usually used for inflight entertainment were also delivered.

A spokesman for Air France commented: “The recipients, who were extremely touched by this outpouring of solidarity, expressed their gratitude in their many messages of thanks.”