May 22, 2024

AI in action – the new next normal airport experience from Yates+

Yates+ has partnered with Neoma, the AI hospitality systems specialist to launch trials of an AI-driven app which facilitates the journey through the airport.

Designed to present the next normal airport experience, the truly contactless experience, SafeGo, will be trialled in a Middle Eastern airport in the next months.

Using highest intensity camera facial bio-screening at every point of contact, the airport journey with this app requires no paper ticket, no baggage tags, no human contact at any point – from curb to aircraft door.

SafeGo has been developed by a Yates+Neoma joint-venture, and Yates+ CEO Keith Yates said: “We recognised a seismic shift in customer sentiment. Safety of self and family is now the dominant theme. Safety translates to a desire for no face to face human contact on the airport journey. So we set about digitalising the airport experience, building in the most advanced AI technology plus an app managing the journey coupled with the latest camera bio-match technology to secure the customer at each connecting point.”