April 17, 2024

ACE Flight 2780 Auxiliary Modem Unit from Kontron

Kontron has announced the addition of the ACE Flight 2780 Auxiliary Modem Unit to its ACE Flight product line.

The Auxiliary Modem Unit (AMU) is based on a new evolution of the ARINC 791 and 792 Ku/Ka Band Satellite Communication System standard, which is planned for approval in early 2021. The AMU provides commercial and business aviation customers with the ability to experience global connectivity coverage and cost optimised network service in a very small 2MCU form factor. The AMU standard allows scaling from a single modem connectivity solution up to a multi-modem system, which enables roaming between multiple global networks.

The ACE Flight 2780 AMU extends the portfolio of inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solutions and is available now with an integrated SATCOM modem card which supports high throughput aircraft connectivity to many networks around the world. Additional modem card types are planned in upcoming variants of the Kontron AMU product. The ACE Flight 2780 AMU initial release supports AC aircraft input power and FAA PMA approval for this version is expected in February 2021. Other configurations are planned, including a 28V DC aircraft input power version to support business and regional jet requirements.

“We are excited to be first-to-market with our 2MCU ACE Flight 2780 AMU which provides the aviation industry with the smallest form factor auxiliary modem solution.”, says RJ McLaren, avionics system product manager for Kontron. “We have extensive experience in packaging SATCOM modems from different suppliers into compact ruggedized systems for all types of mobile airborne platforms – from commercial airliners to business jets to helicopters to UAVs.”

Kontron has been closely involved with the ARINC subcommittee working group in the development of the AMU standard. Using an open architecture, standards-based approach means that AMU system configurations will have a long lifetime and can be adapted as new modem technologies become available.