Congratulating Galileo Watermark – United Airlines

Onboard Hospitality winner interview: Galileo Watermark

Galileo Watermark won Best Onboard Service Equipment – For Crew for its United Airlines Service Trays

Service trays

Q.Tell us a bit about the product, its background, and how it came to market
A. We worked closely with United Airlines to develop a brand-new tray concept for the onboard space. The sophisticated, chrome and black trays are designed to look like stainless steel however they deliver weight savings of over 800 grams compared to those previously flying.

Revolutionising crew service onboard with their easy handling and non-slip surface, the trays deliver a tailored solution for United that is practical, attractive and reduces the impact on the environment whilst maintaining their quality and performance.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A. The full and half sized service trays have a high-quality finish and are perfectly aligned with the luxurious Polaris cabin environment. As well as being easier for the crew to handle and featuring true non-slip capability, these trays deliver tangible weight savings that helps reduce fuel consumption as a result.

Q.What need or onboard trend does the product address?
A. With an increased focus on sustainability these trays play a part in reducing the amount of fuel consumed and are also more practical for the crew onboard.

Q.What is next for Galileo Watermark?
A. We have been working on a number of very exciting projects this year and are thrilled to be expanding our collaboration with a number of airlines as well as securing new customers. We have recently launched new kits with Virgin Atlantic for example which have a truly sustainable story and we will see more of this focus in the coming year. In addition, we will be launching a number of kits featuring carefully curated brand partnerships that are really relevant and new to the airline industry.

Q.What impact has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award had on your business?
A. It is always an honour to receive an award and great to be recognised for all our hard work. The awards are testament to each and every person in the team’s commitment to excellence and something that our customers appreciate and trust as a benchmark of quality and innovation.