Congratulating FORMIA – Eva Air

Onboard Hospitality winner interview: FORMIA

FORMIA won Best Onboard Amenities – Business Class for its Eva Air Ferragamo Amenity Kits

Ferragamo Amenity Kits

Q.Tell us a bit about the product, its background, and how it came to market
A. FORMIA’s specialism lies in forming a link between airlines and many of the world’s most respected and aspirational luxury brands. In doing this, our aim is to delight our clients’ discerning passengers. Bringing EVA Air and Salvatore Ferragamo together was a natural match and represents the very “sweet spot” of FORMIA’s approach. The airline’s second-to-none service ethic and its constant focus on quality and innovation are attributes which blend perfectly with Ferragamo’s high values and reputation for the unrivalled excellence of its products.

Our Ferragamo bags are elegantly designed and constructed from the finest materials ever found onboard. We are especially proud of them. Featuring a delicately embossed pattern inspired by ancient Taiwanese majolica tiles, these exclusive overnight kits are presented to EVA’s Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel passengers for them to indulge in a variety of Ferragamo cosmetics delicately scented with the brand’s new Bianco di Carrara fragrance.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A. These bags represent a combination of quality, heritage and modernity. The FORMIA team is especially proud of the way these kits achieve a harmonious blend between ancient Taiwanese culture, as represented by EVA, and top-end contemporary Italian style exemplified by Ferragamo. In addition, of course, the bags are extremely elegant in their design, are made of the finest materials and contain a range of luxurious cosmetics which pamper and delight passengers and heighten their travel experience.

Q.What need or onboard trend does the product address?
A. The endorsement of a high reputation brand, such as Ferragamo, is vitally important in today’s in-flight amenity arena as travellers come to expect ever greater levels of customer service, care and luxury. A brand such as Ferragamo, known throughout the world for its outstanding quality and elegant design, naturally confers those attributes to the airline hosting their branded products, helping to give clear definition to the airline’s character and its commitment to excellence in everything it does.

Q.What is next for FORMIA?
A. FORMIA’s strategy is always to focus on innovation and quality as the best means of delighting our airline customers and their passengers. We will continue to focus on what we do best: creating unique and bespoke collaborations between our airline customers and leading brands to further evolve the onboard experience our customers provide for their passengers. Excitingly, this will involve additional products and services, which expand and extend the range of amenities which customers experience before, during and after their flights. We are full of creative ideas and cannot wait to bring them to the market.