Congratulating Wessco

Onboard Hospitality winner interview: Wessco


American Airlines – Casper bedding, facilitated by WESSCO

Q.Tell us a little about the product, its background and how it came to market
A. American Airlines’ commitment to passenger comfort and Casper’s expertise in sleep research created a landmark soft goods programme. Casper is an innovative sleep company renowned for its in-house developed mattress. The company is also one of the fastest-growing consumer brands of all time. The airline launched the programme in December 2017 for its First, Business, and Premium Economy Class passengers.

Q.What do you think puts this product ahead of others in the same field?
A. The Casper programme established a new standard of premium in-flight sleep products across the airline industry. R&D and experimenting with prototypes for more than a year resulted in soft goods tailored to the airline’s in-flight experience. The programme also brings the comforts of home to the cabin with high-quality breathable cotton loungewear.

Q.What need or onboard trend does the product address?
A. Casper and American Airlines introduced the programme to improve in-flight sleep. Casper’s sleep engineers studied the travel environment for months and researched more than a dozen versions of the pillow. In addition, they carried out trials on some of the airline’s longest flights and consulted frequent travellers and flight attendants on fit, durability, and comfort.

Q.What product trends/ airline demands will you be responding to next?
A. The line between consumer lifestyle brands and airline amenities is becoming blurrier by the day. WESSCO is responding to this by ensuring branded programmes carry over into the airline sector in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Q.How does your team develop or source new on-board products and ensure it stays ahead of the curve?
A. Successful product development is the result of well-thought-out brand collaborations. We achieve this by following a multi-disciplinary approach across WESSCO branches.

Q.How will winning an Onboard Hospitality Award help your business?
A. WESSCO leads the industry with its unique, award-winning solutions and collaborations. The Onboard Hospitality Awards stand out as one of the most well-respected and prestigious awards in the industry. The awards offer an extra challenge to stay at the forefront of innovation and keep earning the industry’s recognition.