Congratulating 2017 winners…

Winner: DHL Best for Onboard Sustainability

DHL won the award in the Sustainability category for onboard catering waste value recovery for British Airways

The simple on-site solution to the management of aviation catering waste – including ICW – now provides clients with reduced costs and CO2 emissions along with a sustainable source of green energy.

Q.How do you and your team develop new products?
A. DHL works hard to understand its customers’ wider business, its challenges, market trends, and short and long term needs. We put a strong emphasis on account management, with dedicated customer management teams ready to react quickly to short timescale requests, as well as take part in regular scheduled review and innovation meetings, as well as workshops to identify new ways to help our customers.

DHL also keeps a keen eye on industry trends, including technological advances across all the markets and territories in which we operate. This allows us to innovate and drive best practice across sectors. The nature of most of our service contracts means that we are incentivised to drive process improvement and implement innovative solutions. Finally, our scale and high profile mean that we are often approached by third party innovators keen to suggest new products and services for our clients.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A. DHL’s catering waste processing system is a world first. We began developing our solution approximately five years ago and have gathered considerable technical and regulatory expertise along the way.

Management of ICW is a high cost burden for many in the aviation sector; our patented system is now at a stage of development where we can provide ease of deployment, addressing multiple costs areas within the airline food processing facilities. Extensive discussions with other service providers have highlighted an enormous untapped potential to implement the solution with other operators across multiple territories.

Q.What product trends will you be responding to next?
A. Cost efficiency is always a major priority for our customers. As the global leader in critical logistics services, DHL has a track record of driving best practice across virtually all business sectors.Many lessons learnt from our services to HORECA, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Technology businesses have proven to be directly transferable to the aviation services industry.

In addition to improved cost efficiency, DHL has a strong focus on environmental protection, which mirrors the commitments of our customers to continuously improve their sustainability performance and reduce CO2 emissions;Since DHL entered the airline-catering sector, we have applied our systematic ‘logistics’ approach – measuring, analysing and implementing solutions based on our expertise in detailed process analysis and optimisation. In addition, a key area of focus for DHL is the potential use of robotics for repetitive and mundane tasks.

Q.Are airlines receptive to sustainability initiatives?
A. Yes, very much so. With sustainability high on our customers’ agenda, DHL is committed to working closely with them to support this vital work; Ever-increasing pressure on emissions from customers and regulators, along with increasing passenger numbers mean that sustainability targets are not only mandatory, but can provide competitive advantage. DHL’s aviation catering waste treatment system helps our customers to meet both their financial and sustainability needs.

Q.How has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award helped your business? 

A. Winning the award in the Sustainability category of the Onboard Hospitality Awards has provided us with recognition within the aviation sector that DHL is at the forefront of innovation.In addition, it provides concrete proof that DHL is not just a transport and warehousing provider but a full service provider with customer service and innovation at the top of our agenda.