Take your pick: Virtual games


Global C has developed the Gladi8tor inflight gaming platform to bring high-end gaming onboard. It lets players use their own device but only works once the passenger scans a card (which airlines could give or sell) containing a character – that character then becomes animated through augmented reality on their device. The first game available is Duel, which encourages passengers to progress up a league – sharing their data as they go. Five more games are expected to join Gladi8tor.

Virtual Vizor

Virtual Vizor turns any smartphone into a virtual cinema to view videos, photographs, games and apps in 2D, 3D, 360°, virtual reality and augmented reality. It works like Google Cardboard, acting as a viewer for a range of apps that enhance content. The Virtual Vizor is simply a foldable phone holder with lenses, mountable on a baseball cap. It is very light and easy to use and can cut out peripheral light. It works via wifi with any IFE system for an immersive viewing experience.


Matrix is evolving the kids kit concept with the help of augmented reality technology. SwapBots are collectable characters built from three blocks which kids can switch to build their own personal character in the real world. Then, using the SwapBots app, they can scan their character and bring it to life within a virtual game environment. Matrix is also working with Mardles on a colouring and story book which combines traditional play activities with a digital experience – bringing content to life. Kids scan their coloured-in designs to see them come alive and can learn more about subjects ranging from space travel to jungles.

Frog fun

Kaelis is developing its kids’ kits to be combined with iPhones to create interactive play opportunities. Designs show a frog-shaped kit which can stow an iPhone. Using an app will then animate the frog and allow the character to interact with the child onboard and off.

Angry Birds

Building on the popularity of the Angry Birds gaming brand, created by UNGA, FORMIA offers a kids’ activity book which can be combined with an app to bring play to life. Scan a code given with the game and an augmented reality game is accessed.