Take your pick: IFE

Equinox Kombucha

A healthy soft drink, Equinox Kombucha is made from sugar cane, green tea and water. It’s raw, organic, unpasteurised and contains natural vitamins, acids, and beneficial bacteria. It comes in original, raspberry and elderflower, ginger and wild berry flavours. equinoxkombucha.com


Focused on all things sweet potato, including sweet potato crips, bread and juice, this company buys from small holder farmers in Kenya and Africa. The low fat and gluten-free quality ensures the product range appeals to the Special Meals market. sacomasweetpotatoes.co.uk


These paleo-inspired protein bars from Fori are meat based and provide a savoury alternative to sweet on-the-go snacks. The company, based in Wales, produces the bars in four flavours: chilli beef, Moroccan lamb, piri piri chicken and Thai turkey. fori.co.uk


Glazes, sauces and jellies with an alcoholic twist are offered by Manfood. The company produces beer jellies and cocktail jams among other sauces “with a difference”. welovemanfood.com


Yumpa creates breakfast bars made from cricket powder flour. The crickets are 60% protein and presented as the next great superfood. The bars come in two flavours: tangy Thai and cocoa a-go-go. yumpabar.co.uk

Twisted Halo

These bottled vodka-based cocktails include sparkling coconut water muddled with ginger and lime but no added sugar or artifical flavours or colours. Each 275ml bottle is 4% alcohol and 90 calories. twistedhalodrinks.com