Take your pick: Gadgets


The Airbolt smart padlock and Tile tag are location devices using Bluetooth to talk to your phone. The Tile is great for attaching to anything you’re likely to misplace, such as glasses or handbags. Each has an in-built battery that’ll last for a year.


Apple has set the bar high in the smart watch arena but (short) battery life is their one drawback. Pebble’s new Time 2 has 10-day battery life, is waterproof, provides notifications and voice control – all in all a compelling alternative that works with both Apple and Android devices.


The SECRID range of wallets shield credit cards from ‘skimming’, which can compromise your cards. Pull the trigger at the bottom and the cards fan out rather impressively. They are available in card protector format or built into a leather wallet.


For many users a mobile phone doubles up as a camera. When storage is limited a small and elegant solution is available for both iOS and Android. The size of a USB stick, it lets you plug in a microSD card which can be accessed directly by the phone’s camera. You can also shuttle content from your camera roll to free up storage.

Wallet Ninja

The Wallet Ninja is a 1.5mm heat-treated hardened steel credit-card sized device features 18 different tools within its cutouts, including spectacle screwdriver, box cutter, bottle opener, various hex bolts and even a mobile phone stand. At under £10 it’s an ideal travel companion and is approved for hand luggage as it has no sharp edges and is under 4”.